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Ensuring the viability of a chapter: The requirements and activities deemed necessary for a chapter to maintain continuous successful operation include a minimum number of members, minimum number of meetings per year, hosting of member and community events, and chapter documentation. Failure of a chapter to meet these requirements could result in the inability of the chapter to function as an operating entity and could be the basis for charter revocation. 

Prior to submitting a chapter application, the potential chapter must establish and hold at least one pre-chapter meeting to determine level of interest, ability to attract and retain members, and other success criteria. 

Maintaining oversight of the chapter: The chapter must govern itself within the established framework of Holistic Network International to ensure that each chapter meets the standards of the organization. 

Correspondence/Communication: In addition to required meeting sign-in sheets, chapters are required to correspond with the organization to announce meetings or activities, and post these events on the website - HolisticNetworkInternational.com.

Use of Logo: Chapters who wish to use the Holistic Network International branding or logo should do so without alteration.

Chapter affiliation: Membership is through the Holistic Network International. All membership dues are paid to the Holistic Network International. Chapter Leaders receive a commission on membership dues. Individual chapters may not charge membership dues. Individual chapters may charge a fee for events, workshops, and other chapter activities to defray the costs of these activities, and/or to provide earnest funds for future activities.

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