Weight Loss: "Turn Your Weight Loss into a Lifestyle"

  • 01/15/2019
  • 6:00 PM
  • St. Petersburg Health & Wellness, 2100 Dr MLK Jr. St. N. 1st Floor

Your body was not designed to routinely eat processed carbs and sugar. When our ancestors were hunters and gatherers (before farming), they got sugar one time a year when fruit was ripe so they could put on fat to survive the winter; they never had processed carbs. We have the same genes our ancestors had. Eating processed carbs, sugar and sweets presents the intestines with a large sugar load which increases insulin levels. Higher insulin converts sugar to fat, pushes fat into fat cells and prevents fat from leaving fat cells to be burned for energy. Fat by itself does not stimulate insulin and therefore doesn't cause this but sugar and fat together double down. Control your insulin, control your weight and health to "Live Well" 

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